Let Us Take Care Of Your Magic To .NET Migration!

Yumasoft migrates Magic based applications to .NET
painlessly and inexpensively

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Yumasoft migrates
all aspects of your Magic code

All functionality is preserved during the transformation process. This allows you to build on your previous software investment and increase its value. The migrated system contains no emulations or hidden code. There are no continuing charges or license fees. Yumasoft produces high quality, pure C#, well documented, and easy to maintain. This moves you to the forefront of technology and positions you to take advantage of absolutely mainstream technological developments.

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Why should you migrate
your Magic software to .NET?

First of all to cut run-time licensing costs. Such run-time licensing model is used by Magic, completely unknown in .Net.

Second reason – to expand potential resources collection. There is incomparably more Net Developers than Magic developers.

Third reason – to abandon non-standard technology and gain productivity by using rich .Net ecosystem. You can easily find third party solutions for UI controls (graphs, reports, gauges),  logging, printing, database connections and so on. Migrating to .Net gives you also possibility to work with one of the most advanced and future rich IDE - Visual Studio, with many helping functions like: easy refactoring, designers, editors for many file formats.

A solution is needed that is fast, inexpensive and creates high quality, pure C# code.

Would you like to beat your
competition to the world of .NET?

Get informed about the Yumasoft's migration services without any obligation! Please use the on-line contact form. Our two-phases program offers an end-to-end solution to all aspects of the migration process and deliver a fully tested, functionally equivalent, guaranteed, and ready-to-deploy system. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find the cost of a turnkey Magic to .NET migration project is far lower than the cost of a new development.

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Yumasoft Migration Approach

Migration Approach
Outcome of migration process is a complete Microsoft .NET source code. The process is based on Microsoft .NET components. Third party components are used in some cases (e.g. PDF generation) only on prior agreement with the Customer. Migration scope usually covers 95-100% of functionality of the original application.


Success stories

Success Stories
Applications for the company management of social insurance, warehouse management system, company assets depreciation handling,system for handling invoices and many more. Actual examples of the successful application of our solution.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
What is this two-phases program that Yumasoft offers? Does Yumasoft provide a Magic to .NET converting tool? Can I use the migrated code for whatever I want? Our FAQ section will try to answer all your technical and business questions.